Further information

We are proud of the robust and diligent approach with which we have built Enlitened.

In consultation with the wider sector, our development partners and advisers, we have created a collection of detailed documents that outline many aspects of that approach.

The following documents are available for review by university teams:

  • Enlitened information security overview
  • Enlitened question set development
  • Enlitened questions and scales
  • Enlitened wellbeing questions and approach (WHO-5)
  • Enlitened mapping to NSS & TEF
  • Enlitened data integration approach
  • Enlitened API documentation
  • Enlitened data protection impact assessment (DPIA)
  • Enlitened DPIA risks & mitigations
  • Evidence for legal basis for Enlitened data processing
  • Post-pilot evaluation report
  • Post-pilot student feedback survey results
  • Enlitened student engagement and motivations research and approach
  • “As Enlitened rolls out across the whole university, I am convinced it will be genuinely transformative. It gives us a leap forward in proactive approachable support for students, transforms conversation with our student community, and is a major shift in the timeliness and detail of the data we have to improve the whole student experience.”

    Dr Jon Sharp
    Director of Student Services,
    University of East Anglia

  • “It can be difficult trying to measure student satisfaction with email questionnaires. This new approach is great because it’s instant and constantly being updated. Between us, the student union and university we can work to address issues in real-time.”

    Welfare, Community & Diversity Officer –
    Student Union University of East Anglia

  • “The Student Room team have spent 18 years supporting students online. We hope that their Enlitened programme can help future generations of students have the best possible university experience and we are happy to be exploring ways in which Student Minds and The Student Room can work together in the future.”

    Rosie Tressler OBE
    CEO, Student Minds

  • “Enlitened’s diligent, evidence-led approach and speed of development have been great to witness. Our students have very much enjoyed engaging with Enlitened, and the wellbeing data generated as a result have the potential to be genuinely transformative. The future of student engagement is emerging, and we are excited to be part of it.”

    Professor Kelly Coate
    Pro Vice Chancellor (Education and Students), University of Sussex