OfS challenge competition

The Student Room is a partner in one of the 10 projects supported by the Office for Students (OfS) Challenge Competition: Achieving a step change in mental health outcomes for all students.

The project represents an investment of £2M by the OfS and the partners involved in the bid. It is led by Northumbria University, and partners include Universities UK and a range of university, charity and commercial partners.

Together, we are setting out to transform the way in which student mental health and wellbeing is approached by the sector by investigating how big data, technology, educational analytics and student facing interventions can be used to recognise and support students with mental health issues. Further information is provided on the Northumbria University website.

Enlitened is an integral part of all three workstreams of this project.

Full list of project partners

Northumbria University – Lead
UUK with James Murray – Partner
Buckinghamshire New University – Higher Education Partner
University of East London – Higher Education Partner
Microsoft Education – Technology Partner
Civitas Learning International – Technology Partner
The Student Room Group – Technology Partner
Jisc Technology – Partner
Papyrus – Charity Partner
University of Bristol – Beta Partner
Northumbria University, University of East London and Buckinghamshire New University Students’ Unions – Students’ Union Partners

  • “Enlitened is a partner in one of the 10 successful projects supported through the OfS’s £6m Challenge Competition which aims to drive a step change in mental health support for students. Enlitened is a key partner, amongst others, in a bid being led by Northumbria University which uses innovative technology to improve mental health and learning outcomes for all students and match students in need to appropriate support.”

    Kate McAlister
    Head of Student Welfare & Safeguarding, Office for Students

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