How are students using Enlitened for support during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Coronavirus and your studies questions

Over the last two weeks, the Enlitened student community have answered over 21,000 COVID-19 related questions in the app. We’re seeing that lots of you are finding it difficult to adapt to studying at home, and struggling to find the motivation to continue as normal during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Through the pandemic, we want to make sure your voice is heard more than ever, and that you remain connected with other students and your university throughout this period of isolation and remote learning.

How we’ve been working with our student ambassadors

We’ve been working with our brilliant student ambassadors across our partner universities to share their thoughts and experiences on the current situation. They’ve been recording weekly video diaries to share:

  • How they’ve been making sense of the daily changes
  • What they’ve been struggling with
  • What they’re feeling positive about
  • How they’re getting through this challenging period of time

We’re hoping these videos will resonate with some of you and remind you that you’re not alone, even when in isolation. You can view these video diaries on our Instagram page.

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How are our ambassadors using Enlitened during the pandemic?

With new questions, support articles and videos added to the Enlitened app in response to the pandemic, we asked our ambassadors how they’ve been using the Enlitened app to stay connected with their universities, the rest of the student community, and how it’s supporting them through this tough period of change.

Here’s what some of them had to say.

“There is so much information going around and not all of it is helpful or healthy. Enlitened has built up trust from students as a safe source of information and a place to voice their concerns. My university has consistently responded to those concerns, including Coronavirus related ones. In a time of so much uncertainty, a small island of trust is priceless. And that island is accessible from anywhere we are self-isolating.”

Nauris Kalnins, University of Sussex

“Enlitened gives me reassurance about my 'home studies' and supports me by sharing new tips and articles on how to deal with self-isolation, etc. There is a ‘Coronavirus & your studies’ content feed which keeps everything related to coping with the virus in one place. Sometimes when I feel stressed, I don’t always think clearly and then Enlitened reminds me of some tips that have worked to help me think clearer in the past.”

Ewelina Sibilska, University of East Anglia

“Enlitened has provided me with a lot of useful information about how to cope with the effects that Coronavirus has had on my personal life, and studying. There are plenty of articles to read on the ‘Feed’ section of the app, which give advice and tips – there is a ‘Coronavirus & your studies’ tab with all the relevant content. The Enlitened app also allows me to give my opinion (through the ‘Questions’ section) on how the university is running during this time.”

Rosie Hudson-Oldnall, University of Exeter
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"Enlitened is an app created to help students, and it’s even more relevant now with the current events. Students can use the app to share how the Coronavirus has affected their studies, their mental health, as well as how they’re coping with all of the changes. I like to share their advice because it gives a sense of community in an otherwise self-isolating time.

There are many students who are currently still waiting on decisions to be made for some of their assessments. Using the ‘Ideas’ section of Enlitened, they can share their concerns and this can help produce a faster response from their university."

Angelina Entcheva, University of East Anglia

“Enlitened has helped me through the COVID-19 situation by providing reassuring advice and support, as well as regular updates in a clear and understandable format. It also enabled me to stay in communication with other students and it was comforting to know that I was not alone and that others were experiencing a similar sense of anxiety, confusion and uncertainty too.”

Victoria Williams, University of Exeter

"All of Enlitened's information for students is related to the current situation and their university. This has been helpful and made me feel supported.

They have also allowed us to answer extra questions each week to further analyse what students are feeling and ensuring the student voice is heard.

In the 'Content Feed' they have added an area specifically for ‘Coronavirus & your studies’ that contains various articles and videos for students to read, watch and see how they can make the best out of everything provided. In addition to this, they have partnered with Student Minds, to give us additional support with mental health and well-being."

Jimeet Romen Shah, University of Sussex
Coronavirus and your studies content

We’re really pleased to hear that our app is seen as a useful source of information, and trusted amongst students as reliable and relevant.

We will be continuing to add more new content over the coming weeks, linking to relevant information on university, government and partner sites (such as Student Minds) and introducing original content from our student ambassadors and experts. We’ll let you know when there’s new content for you to see. 

Look after yourself, and those around you – and keep communicating! 

If you’re a student at the University of East Anglia, University of Sussex, University of Exeter, or Northumbria University but you’re not yet an Enlitened user, simply download the app and sign up with your university email address.

If you have a friend already using Enlitened, you can use their referral code and earn 1000 points for you and them when you sign up.